Week 9: Wrapping Things Up

Next week marks the final week of this Digital Marketing Internship. I can't believe it's already coming to an end! Here are a few of the highlights I'll take away from this experience:

Working for a startup allows you to wear many different hats and complete all kinds of various tasks. Reading vocabulary words in textbooks only gets you so far. Being in an office and using digital marketing terms in the real world is incredibly helpful!Being part of the clinic was great - each week, we all shared our successes with each other and cheered our peers on. I think this made my internship more impactful than if I had experienced it on my own.Working in downtown Ann Arbor is wonderful (despite having to pay for parking)!

Hootsuite and Campaign Monitor Reviews

During this internship, I have gotten the chance to work with two social media management websites for the first time: Hootsuite and Campaign Monitor. Today's blog is about my experiences with these two platforms.


Hootsuite it very easy to use! As a first time user, I had no problems navigating the interface and figuring out how to use it.Being able to schedule social media posts in advance is such a time-saver. In about 2 hours, I was able to schedule content for the next 4 weeks.For Twitter, the link-shortening feature was incredibly helpful to save characters.Campaign Monitor (CM) Like Hootsuite, CM is easy to use and figure out. I experienced no problems as a first time user.CM provides many pre-made email templates, which is incredibly helpful. It also saves lots of time!The analytics available on CM are wonderful! I was able to quickly compare the various emails ShapeLog has sent to subscribers and get valuable feedback about which ones were most effective. Data avail…

How to Pass the Google Analytics Certification Exam

Last week, I finally passed the Google Analytics Certification Exam! It took me 4 tries, but I ended up passing with a score of 97 percent. Here are the steps I took that led me to success:

To begin, I took the test once with minimal studying. This was to get a feel for the format of the test and the difficulty of the questions. I scored 55 percent, and an 80 percent or higher is needed to pass.Throughout the next 7 days, I completed about half of the training modules that Google provides in Google Analytics for Beginners. I took the test a second time, scoring a 67 percent.Over the next week, I completed all training modules in Google Analytics for Beginners, as well as the assessments at the end of each training session.I took the test a third time, scoring a 75 percent (at this point I was getting frustrated - I was only 5 points away from passing!).I completed Advanced Google Analytics training modules, retook the assessments, and took detailed notes.Finally, on my fourth try, I sc…

Six Ways to Strengthen Your LinkedIn Profile

At this week's All-Clinic meeting, we had a speaker who is a Recruiter at Duo Security. She uses LinkedIn everyday to search for potential new employees, and these were the six most helpful tips she gave us:
To make yourself more appealing to certain job recruiters, mirror the keywords from job descriptions in your profile.Upload your resume, and always make sure it's up to date.Add any and all certifications, certificates, and awards to your profile.Join LinkedIn groups that apply to your interests!When you make a big change to your profile (ex. promotion, new certification), make sure "Notify Your Network" is turned on.Convert your LinkedIn page to a PDF to see how it looks - this is what hiring managers often do rather than downloading your resume. 

Time is Running Out!

It's hard to believe that there are only two weeks of the Digital Marketing Clinic remaining! The past 6 weeks have flown by. This morning, Dasha and I are meeting with Brian, ShapeLog's CEO to determine our plan of action for our last two weeks. Here is a list of our remaining tasks to be completed before we leave:

Capture one more round of visual content at Anytime FitnessSet up sign-up sheets and flyers inside Anytime FitnessMarket ShapeLog's new 8-Week Fitness Challenge via emails and social media postsDesign t-shirts and coordinate prizes for the Fitness ChallengePossibly send out ShapeLog's August newsletter After our meeting this morning, there may be more tasks added to this list. I'm excited for these final projects, and I foresee these last two weeks running smoothly. Stay tuned for more updates!

ShapeLog's Office Culture

As I near my college graduation date, I've been getting post-graduation advice from many people. One of the things I've heard over and over again is that when I start my first full-time job, the culture in the office will be a huge factor that could make or break my work experience. During my time at ShapeLog this summer, I've paid close attention to the culture in the office. Here are a few of the biggest things I've noted:

At ShapeLog, everyone's opinions are valued. Every member of the team gives input when they have it, and everyone else listens to it.Frequent communication is valuable and necessary! Every Monday, the team has a conference call so that everyone is on the same page for the upcoming week.Work/life balance is extremely important. Everyone in the office works hard, but they also know how to enjoy their free time as well. At the beginning of the weekly conference call, everyone shares a little bit about what they did over the weekend. I have greatly …

What's the Meaning of This?

Over the last six weeks, I've heard many different acronyms during my experiences with ShapeLog and our weekly All-Clinic meetings. It can be hard to keep all of the jargon straight, so I'm going to jot down some of the ones I've heard the most:
KPI: key performance indicator - measurable information that shows how you or your business is performing against the set goalsCPG: consumer packaged goods - products that average consumers use every dayCPC: cost per click - refers to online advertising, the company advertising pays the publisher for each time the ad is clickedB2B: business-to-business (normally used in terms of sales)B2C: business-to-consumer (normally used in terms of sales) - this refers to businesses that sell directly to individual consumers